Fans Find Clues That Former NMIXX’s Jinni May Be Joining YG’s THE BLACK LABEL

According to fans, new signs point to her potentially joining THE BLACK LABEL.

Could former NMIXX member Jinni be returning to the spotlight under another agency? According to fans, new signs point to her potentially joining THE BLACK LABEL.

Jinni’s surprise exit from NMIXX last year sent shockwaves through social media. Just days after she appeared with her fellow members at the 2022 MAMA Awards, JYP Entertainment released a statement informing fans that Jinni had “decided to terminate her contract and leave the team for personal reasons.”

| JYP Entertainment

With no real explanation for why NMIXX was becoming a six-member group, theories soon began to run rampant. The situation became a hot topic among netizens, but thoughts were divided. Some believed Jinni’s emotions at her last fansign weeks prior were a sign that she knew what was coming, while others wondered if delays in the release of NMIXX’s Christmas video indicated that JYP Entertainment didn’t know Jinni would be leaving.

Above all else, however, the main sentiment among fans was a hope that Jinni would return to the stage soon, in whatever form that may take. After all, she trained for a staggering six years before making her debut — hard work fans didn’t think she’d throw away just months after her debut.


That’s why fans were overjoyed to see Jinni open her own Instagram account this week. In just one day, she’s already accumulated over 1 million followers on the platform. And, judging by her bio, she still seems to be going by Jinni (her NMIXX stage name) rather than her real name, Yun Jin.

Jinni’s new Instagram account seems to be a sure sign that she won’t be disappearing from the public eye, but where will she go next in her career? Judging by new signs, many fans have an unexpected theory: YG Entertainment‘s associate company THE BLACK LABEL.

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At first, the “evidence” appeared to be circumstantial. Fans noticed that in THE BLACK LABEL’s recent “GIRL GROUP AUDITION” casting call on YouTube, producer Teddy states that they “just need one more member” for their new girl group. The eligibility criteria stated that the applicant must be born in 2004 or later — the same year Jinni was born.


Fans also brought up a clip from Jinni’s last appearance at the MAMA Awards, in which she can be seen hugging Somi. Somi is currently a soloist under THE BLACK LABEL, but shortly before she joined the agency, she was a JYP Entertainment trainee and rumored member of ITZY.

Now, there’s a new clue that’s making many wonder whether the rumors may be true after all. Less than a day after Jinni created her Instagram account, she was followed by Peter Chun: International Management, Marketing, and Promotion Director at THE BLACK LABEL. Jinni appears to be the only idol Peter Chun is following other than the members of BLACKPINK.


This came shortly after Park Seohyun (an independent stylist best known for working with Red Velvet’s Joy) shared Jinni’s photos to her Stories. Some are also speculating that the black heart emoji Jinni used in her Instagram bio and first Instagram post could be a reference to THE BLACK LABEL.

| @jiniyxxn/Instagram

While Jinni leaving her group so soon after debut and joining another label may sound like an unlikely situation, it wouldn’t be the first time something similar has happened. In fact, popular soloist HyunA left JYP Entertainment just five months after she debuted with Wonder Girls.

Hyuna (far left) in Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

According to statements, her parents pulled her from the group due to health concerns. She joined CUBE Entertainment the following year, and later debuted in 4MINUTE. Several other JYP Entertainment artists, including Jay Park, left their groups shortly after debuting too.

| CUBE Entertainment

Of course, these new clues still aren’t solid proof, and there’s still no real evidence that Jinni has joined THE BLACK LABEL. Either way, across social media, fans are sharing their thoughts.

Many are wondering whether it’s possible that THE BLACK LABEL bought out Jinni’s existing contract, or whether may have she left JYP Entertainment for other reasons before being scouted by the YG Entertainment label. Some think Jinni could become a soloist under the company, while others think she could debut in their upcoming girl group.

| JYP Entertainment</!>

Situation aside, many are excited by the possibility of Jinni joining the BLACKLABEL, with several fans claiming that it suits her “vibes” far better than her former label.

Others are concerned for Jinni’s possible treatment and promotions under the agency, quoting Somi’s lack of music releases over the past few years.

For now, only time will tell, and fans are remaining eagle-eyed for clues that Jinni will re-debut soon.


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