A Clip Of Jinni During NMIXX’s Recent Fansign Goes Viral, And Fans Wonder If She Already Knew Her Future

The clip was only from a few weeks ago… and it’s making fans emotional.

On December 9, netizens were shocked when JYP Entertainment announced that Jinni would be leaving NMIXX due to personal reasons.

NMIXX’s Jinni | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Throughout her time in NMIXX, Jinni gained so much love from netizens for her amazing talents, unreal visuals, and charming personality.


When the news was released, fans couldn’t hide their surprise after hearing the sudden announcement. For many, Jinni seemed to be the perfect fit in the group. After so long training, it seemed like she was finally living her dream.

Yet, a clip from a recent fansign has quickly resurfaced on social media, showing that maybe Jinni was aware of her future for longer than expected.

A Korean fan shared a video that was from NMIXX’s last fansign on November 26. In the clip, Jinni seemed to become progressively more emotional throughout.

| @chikoria_/Twitter
| @chikoria_/Twitter  

Although it wouldn’t be uncommon as it would be the last fansign even for that promotion, Jinni seemed more emotional, and it almost seemed as if the idol was trying to hold back tears.

Even as she tried to smile, it seemed like she was willing not to cry. Fans even noticed that she said the words, “Don’t cry,” but it isn’t clear whether she was saying them to a fan or herself.

| @chikoria_/Twitter
| @chikoria_/Twitter 

When the video was released, it quickly gained attention from both Korean and international netizens!

In the comments, many got emotional at the fact that Jinni probably knew it was going to be her last fansign event, as it was towards the end of November. It wasn’t surprising that netizens’ hearts broke even more as they saw the emotion in Jinni’s eyes and realized that her leaving NMIXX could’ve been the reason for the tears.

Fans will definitely miss Jinni as, even though the group only debuted this year, she has still made a huge impact in NMIXX and has become loved by netizens worldwide.

You can read why fans will miss Jinni so much below.

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Source: @chikoria_


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