Fans Question Jinni’s Abrupt Departure From NMIXX After Videos And Photos With Lily Resurface

Here’s why they’re claiming it doesn’t make sense.

Following Jinni‘s sudden departure from NMIXX, fans have been expressing their shock, dismay, and confusion on social media sites.

Jinni | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Many started unearthing past photos and clips of the girl group member. One such post that tugged at heartstrings was an old video of Jinni together with fellow member Lily.

Lily (left) and Jinni (right)

The resurfaced video shows the two as young children cheering at a concert, making fans recall how they had trained together for over six years—the longest in NMIXX.

They also compared the clip to a recent photo of the two receiving an award with tears in their eyes. The girls had finally started seeing the results of their hard work, only for one of them to leave.

Knowing this, NSWERs became skeptical about Jinni’s abrupt departure. She had trained for years to debut and not too long ago talked about what she gave up in the process, so they felt it was strange that her contract was suddenly terminated. It hadn’t even been a year since the group made their debut with the song “O.O.”

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment‘s statement that she left due to personal circumstances was not taken well. Reflecting on how hard she worked to join NMIXX, many speculated that it was not her choice to leave the group.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

Fans believe she “deserves so much better,” especially considering how she is “the perfect idol” and clearly enjoys performing on stage.

Ultimately, they hope she recognizes how hard she worked and wish her the best in everything she does from now on.

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