International NMIXX Fans Mourn Jinni’s Departure From The Group, And These 10+ Tweets Are All Too Relatable

You will be missed, Jinni.

News of the departure of NMIXX‘s Jinni from the group was suddenly announced on December 9. This along with the company’s vague explanation that it was due to “personal circumstances” left fans of the singer extra baffled and upset.

Read on to gauge the general reaction of international fans below.

1. First up, when they couldn’t believe what was happening

2. When it was a difficult time for K-Pop stans

3. When they were shocked about the news considering her recent post

4. When fans were there for Jinni since the start

5. When her long training period was brought up

6. When they knew they were losing an ace

7. When they were already missing her sweet personality

8. When they could only imagine what Lily was going through

Jinni and Lily were the NMIXX members who trained the longest.

9. When they knew her talent was undeniable

10. When it was clear that she was a born performer

11. When everyone just wanted to give her a hug

12. When she had an incredible run in NMIXX and they wanted her to know that

13. When she will always be remembered for being a great performer

14. When fans will forever be by her side

Jinni, you will be missed!

Jinni (third from the right) with NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter


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