Jinni’s Past Messages To Fans Re-Emerge Amid Her Departure From NMIXX

Fans are saying the messages prove the idol’s departure makes no sense.

Amid the shock of Jinni‘s departure from JYP Entertainment and her group NMIXX, the idol’s past messages to fans are being re-examined.

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Previously, on December 9, JYP Entertainment shocked all of K-Pop when it announced that popular member Jinni would be leaving NMIXX and JYP Enterainment.

According to a statement by JYP Entertainment, the decision was due to “Private matters,” and it asked fans to continue their support for Jinni.

Jinni Terminates Her Contract With JYP Entertainment, NMIXX To Continue As Six Members

Fans were shocked that Jinni, who spent 7 years as a trainee before debuting, would depart less than a year into her debut. This is especially true as there had been no controversies surrounding the group or had there been any speculation of unrest among the group’s members.

The Story Of How NMIXX’s Rising “It Girls” Sullyoon And Jinni Joined JYP Entertainment

As many fans expressed their dismay at the announcement, past messages from Jinni to fans have re-emerged.

In the messages, Jinni writes how much she had to sacrifice to become an idol and how much she would like NMIXX to succeed, writing that she couldn’t give up due to the weight of her family’s expectations. Fans who read the messages stated Jinni’s departure from the group didn’t add up.

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  • Jinni: “Yeah, because I was a trainee, there was a lot I had to give up.”
  • Jinni: Right, like school life and things I wanted to do?? (sic) And playing.”
  • Jinni: “Also, did you know there were often times I wanted to give up?”
  • Jinni: “But since this is the road I chose to take, when I looked back on the things that I’ve sacrificed, like living away from my parents and seeing the expectations from my family, it was difficult for me to quit.”
  • Jinni: “This is why I hope NMIXX succeeds.”
  • Jinni: “Exactly, because we are improving step by step!”
  • Jinni: “I can’t wait until we are all bright shiny stars, LOL.”

JYP Entertainment hasn’t disclosed the reason for Jinni’s departure. You can read how fans are reacting to the news in the article below.

Netizens React To Jinni’s Departure From NMIXX

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