The Story Of How NMIXX’s Rising “It Girls” Sullyoon And Jinni Joined JYP Entertainment

It was meant to be.

NMIXX is quickly making their names known in the K-Pop world. One of the aspects that makes them such hot topics is their lineup, with SullyoonJinni, and their fellow members making their marks even among non-fans.

Sullyoon (Left) and Jinni (Right(

In an episode of “Pick NMIXX,” the two revealed how they ended up joining JYP Entertainment in the first place. Check out their stories below!

1. Sullyoon

First up, though Sullyoon also passed the auditions for SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Fantagio—even training in Woollim Entertainment—she picked JYP Entertainment in the end. She was casted in 2020 through a private audition.

When I was in third grade in middle school, there was a special lecture in school…and the teacher who came to give us a special lecture knew one of the employees in our company now.

— Sullyoon

This guest lecturer saw Sullyoon’s star quality and immediately arranged for her to have an audition with JYP Entertainment. As luck would have it, she made it in right away.

I saw this person at the special lecture and was introduced to JYP as I was okay. So I had an audition to come in. If I hadn’t had that lecture, I wouldn’t be here.

— Sullyoon

Not only were the judges impressed by her visuals, they also realized that she has talent that they can cultivate.

I was dancing to MOMOLAND’s ‘Wonderful Love,’ Taeyeon’s ’11:11.’ and Ailee’s ‘Singing Got Better.’

— Sullyoon

2. Jinni

In contrast, Jinni entered the company a few years earlier than Sullyoon in 2016. She also had to go through an audition but this time through a dance academy, a type of institution famous for training K-Pop idol aspirants.

For me, when I was in elementary school, fifth grade or fourth grade, one of my friends was already going to a dance academy. Because of that friend, I went to the academy too and we learned together.

— Jinni

Like with many other academies, representatives of JYP Entertainment visited to scout their students. Jinni stood out with her charisma and talent.

One day, in our academy, JYP visited for an open audition.

— Jinni

She performed Apink‘s “No, No, No” and a short jazz dance during this audition.

Now, both of them are making it big with NMIXX!

Source: YouTube


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