Netizens React To The Ridiculous Rumor Of RIIZE’s Wonbin and NewJeans’ Hyein Dating

The “evidence” left many netizens speechless.

On March 3, a ridiculous post surfaced on Weibo alleging that RIIZE‘s Wonbin and NewJeansHyein are currently in a relationship.

Wonbin Hyein 1

A petrifying discovery. Korean netizens believe RIIZE’s Park Wonbin looks like Korean game character Sue’s boyfriend, and Hyein is a human version of Sue, so perhaps Koreans have discovered the two to be dating? This is the first relationship between a 5th generation idol and a 6th generation idol, right?

— Weibo user

The post, calling the discovery “petrifying,” alleged that RIIZE’s Wonbin and NewJeans’ Hyein are dating, solely based on their resemblances to game characters…

Comparison of Hyein and Sue | @RomanticJoker/Weibo

…and the mere fact that the game characters are dating.

Comparison of Wonbin and Sue’s boyfriend | @RomanticJoker/Weibo

While the post’s argument is completely absurd, it did gather tens of thousands of likes and circulated to various social media platforms outside of Weibo. Thousands of netizens have also given their two cents on the matter, though most of them pointed out how nonsensical the whole idea is.

Wonbin Hyein 2

  • “Psycho.”
  • “I’m dying of laughter. My two beautiful babies are getting rumors created about them because of their insane visuals.”
  • “F*ck, you made me laugh… This is so funny, who else understands me?”
  • “This is so uninteresting. Our Lee Hyein is still young, stop making rumors about her.”
Source: Weibo
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