Netizens Reacted To SHINee Taemin’s 10kg Weight Gain

“I gained a lot of weight, huh?”

Netizens reacted to SHINee Taemin‘s recent weight gain.

Taemin | South Korean Military Manpower Administration

On April 4, SHINee’s Taemin held a livestream with fans after officially completing his military service.

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During the livestream, Taemin stated how nervous he was to be greeting fans for the first time since being discharged from the military.

Taemin during livestream | theqoo

I’m so nervous about meeting you guys after all this time. I wanted to communicate with you guys as soon as possible, so I came here as soon as I finished (my military service).

— Taemin

The idol then brought up the fact that he had gained about 10kg (22 lbs) since entering the military.

I had gained a lot of weight and still have a lot of weight, but I am working on losing it. I’m happy to show you guys my chubby appearance, but out of embarrassment, I am working hard to get back in shape.

— Taemin

The idol would later bring up his weight another time, assuring fans he was working on losing the weight. Due to fans’ reactions, however, Taemin admitted that he is probably the one worrying about his weight loss the most.

| theqoo

I gained a lot of weight, huh? That’s why when I upload my selfies, I try to hide my weight gain behind the ‘V’ pose. I gained a lot of weight. But I am working on losing it, so don’t worry. Although, I feel like I am worrying about it the most, LOL.

— Taemin

Netizens overwhelmingly reacted to Taemin’s recent weight gain positively, with many stating how cute the idol was, while others just wished the idol good health.

  • “Taemin is so cute <3.”
  • “Our Taemin is always cute.”
  • “Whatever he does, he’s cute. Even if he gains weight, he’s cute, LOL. He looked so cute being nervous about greeting fans for the first time in so long, and the fact that he had no makeup on because he wanted to greet fans ASAP is so cute that I hit my forehead, LOL.”
  • “He didn’t even gain that much weight. It’s like me, the day after eating a lot. Even if he gained weight, knowing how he is typically so skinny, it looks better, LOL. He must have done well in the military.”
  • “Everything is fine. Just be healthy!”
  • “Seriously, I love you, no matter what you look like, ㅜㅜ. Seriously, just be healthy.”
  • “(His weight) is normal.”
  • “Just be healthy.”
  • “So cute, ㅠㅠ, LOL.”


Source: theqoo
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