K-Netizens Are Falling For TWS Shinyu’s Adorable First Fan Sign Experience

This is what you call a rookie’s charm!

Rookie boy group TWS, who recently debuted last week, held their first fan sign event! Member Shinyu gained much attention from netizens as they could see just how nervous yet excited he was to meet fans.

Shinyu got up to greet each of the fans lol. He said that he likes to be called by his real name Junghwan!

Fans found it adorable that he got up to greet each fan individually, showing how cute yet nervous he was for the first fan sign event.

Since it was his first fan sign event, he kept getting up to greet each fan lololol.

In the video clip below, you can see him posing and looking at all the cameras, giving fans the best fan service!

A genius idol’s first fan sign experience!

Even during their introduction, he couldn’t hide his nerves!

Shinyu’s cue cards go flying during their introduction.

K-Netizens that saw this couldn’t get over his first fan sign experience.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “He keeps popping up on my radar.”
  • “It’s so cute how he can’t even make eye contact.”
  • “So fresh and cute.”
  • “He looks so trendy….so cute how he gets up each time.”
  • “This is the charm of rookies.”
  • “So cute.”
  • “First time seeing him, but he kinda looks like Gong Yoo?”
  • “He’s really so adorable.”
  • “So handsome.”
  • “So cute how his cue cards go flying lol.”
  • “Lololol cute.”
Source: theqoo