Netizens React To YG Entertainment’s “Surprise” And All Seven Members Of BABYMONSTER

“I knew it!”

Netizens reacted to the seven members of BABYMONSTER.

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

On Friday 11, YG Entertainment‘s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, made a “surprise” announcement when he announced that all seven contestants competing for a spot on the label’s upcoming girl group would all be debuting.

This comes after Yang Hyun Suk emphasized several times that only five members would be debuting with the group across several episodes on the Last Evaluation, a YouTube series in which the eventual seven members of BABYMONSTER competed for a spot in the group.

In the latest episode of Last Evaluation, Yang Hyun Suk first introduces Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, and Pharita as the final members before revealing that, due to fans’ wishes, Rora and Asa would also be debuting.

Netizens reacted to the “surprise” and the group’s members, with many expressing that they were relieved that all seven contestants would be debuting.

  • “I knew it (all seven members were debuting), LOL.”
  • “My heart was racing while watching the episode earlier, ㅠㅠ. I’m relieved that all of the members are debuting, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Although I am so pissed off that I fell for it, thank you (Yang Hyun Suk) for debuting all of them, f@ck.”
  • “Is he f@cking joking? Anyways, congratulations BABYMONSTER.”
  • “I knew he was baiting us… All of the members seem super talented.”
  • “Just like I thought…”
  • “Ha, I’m so glad Asa and Rora got to debut, ㅠㅠ. Congratulations, babies.”
  • “Ah, congratulations! LOL.”

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Source: theqoo
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