“Tacky” Vs. “Unique” — Netizens Have Divided Opinions On Red Velvet’s Recent Outfits

Netizens are divided.

Red Velvet recently graced the red carpet ahead of the 2020 Ontact Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert, but netizens showed divided opinions regarding the outfits they were seen wearing.

On the day of the event, the gorgeous members appeared in purple outfits of different designs.

While Joy‘s dress showed off a large bow, Yeri wore floral pins in her hair.

Meanwhile, Irene drew attention with her off-the-shoulder dress and Seulgi looked dazzling in sparkles.

Their blinding visuals had many netizens fawning over their individuality.

  • They flipped that red carpet upside down.
  • Their outfits are so enchanting.
  • I love how different each of their outfits are.

But others didn’t think their outfits did the members’ beauty justice.

  • They would’ve looked better in their own outfits.
  • I only like Yeri’s outfit.
  • Who’s the tacky coordinator that chose these outfits?

No matter what they’re wearing, what everyone can agree on is the fact that Red Velvet is stunning.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Insight

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