Netizens Are Divided Over Red Velvet Yeri’s Instagram Story With Regards To Recent Tragedies

She had good intentions.

An Instagram story uploaded by Red Velvet‘s Yeri is gaining attention on online communities. The story was originally posted on the day the tragic news about comedienne Park Ji Sun‘s passing. However, netizens are divided as to the contents of her post, with some calling it inappropriate.

I was trying to push away the depressed emotions I had been feeling the whole day due to the sudden, unfortunate news. During that time, I opened my photo album and looked it over from the start to the end. I have met so many people and when I felt that, I realized that I am thankful for all the people I have met and I have renewed the reasons why I live on again for the next day. But, I want to live in a world that is a little brighter. This has to start from myself, I guess. I hope everyone can live in a world filled with love.

— Yeri

What netizens have been criticizing her for seems to be the issue of the photo she had chosen to upload along with the post, as well as the supposed inappropriateness of the situation.

  • “I’ll let you know why it’s weird. Imagine your friend was struggling against a disease and committed suicide. You’re really sad but a junior that isn’t that close to her suddenly uploads a smiling photo of herself along with some crap like ‘it’s such a sad world, we need to be more hardworking, I hope it will be come a beautiful world‘. That’s what this is like.”
  • “The caption is already… but did she really have to put a smiling photo along with it”
  • “Did she really have to make an inference to someone that has passed on in order to be introspective? It seems she doesn’t have a good character or manners…and a smiling photo??? Is she dumb??”
| SM Entertainment

However, one netizen brought up the fact that Yeri was probably dealing with it in her own way. The netizen advised others to avoid criticizing others if possible.

“It’s a little doubtful but just… you can tell she was really depressed and having it hard. If someone close to you ended up like that, you’d hate the world and find it disgusting. When I was depressed I was often like that too. And why not we just cut off our interest to celebrities for awhile? The person cursing at someone and the person getting cursed out, are both unhappy… let’s just do that for both sides…

— Netizen

The story has since been removed from her Instagram.

Source: Pann

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