Netizens Reportedly Find And Expose Seo Ju Won’s Alleged Mistress And “Cancel” His Michelin Star Restaurant

Seo Ju Won has since turned off comments on his Instagram.

Netizens found and exposed the identity of Seo Ju Won‘s alleged mistress and canceled his restaurant by giving it a low rating.

Seo Ju Won | @juwon_fanpage/Instagram

Recently, former Heart Signal contestant Seo Ju Won made news headlines when the influencer’s former wife, popular YouTuber Aori, released a video in which she alleged Seo Ju Won had cheated on her multiple times.

Popular YouTuber Aori Releases Damning Video Exposing “Heart Signal” Contestant Seo Ju Won’s Cheating

The accusations followed a shocking news report which alleged that Seo Ju Won and Aori had gotten divorced. Netizens were then even more shocked to learn that the two had actually gotten divorced last year.

“Heart Signal” Contestant Seo Ju Won Responds To Reports He Is Getting Divorced — Makes Startling Revelation

After the news went viral, YouTuber Aori exposed her former husband’s cheating in a damning video in which she alleged Seo Ju Won’s infidelity and that he was the one who asked for a divorce and a large sum of money for the divorce settlement.

Aori | @아옳이/YouTube

Netizens were understandably furious after Aori’s video, especially as Seo Ju Won had prior uploaded a post that led many to believe that it was Aori who may have been unfaithful. Netizens criticized Seo Ju Won and went as far as canceling his Michelin Star-winning restaurant by rating the eatery just one star.

Seo Ju Won’s message |

Now it seems I have to fight you. I thought you would take accountability in the end, but you found a way to avoid it. Remember when I said that a trial is an evidence fight and that you shouldn’t leave traces? So don’t leave any. You’ve already left so much.

— Seo Ju Won

Still, some netizens went even further. On January 12, it was widely reported that netizens had allegedly uncovered the identity of the woman Seo Ju Won had cheated with. Netizens posted pictures of the two together as well as the woman’s name, the name of her college, and her social media handles.

Pictures of Seo Ju Won’s alleged mistress | wikitree

Meanwhile, Aori reportedly has filed a lawsuit against Seo Ju Won’s alleged mistress for ruining her marriage. Although cheating is no longer a criminal offense, offenders may still be liable to compensate for the damages they have caused in civil court.

Source: joy news24 and wikitree
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