Netizens Are Shocked After Uncovering More Alleged Instances Of CIX Member Bae Jinyoung’s Mistreatment

“I can’t believe these things happened…”

Netizens are shocked to learn about more instances of CIX member Bae Jinyoung allegedly being mistreated.

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On February 1, a netizen’s post uploaded to an online community went viral. In the post titled “A Summary Of CIX’s Bae Jinyoung (Situation) Which Is More Serious Than I Thought,” the author presents several instances that they claimed were examples of Bae Jinyoung being mistreated by the group’s members and fans.

One of the examples the netizen presents involves a clip of the members talking about each other’s characters. Some of the members state that Bae Jinyoung’s character is that of a divorcee, and despite Bae Jinyoung’s protest, state the idol’s ‘wolf-like’ appearance is the reason why. Some netizens have interpreted this to be said with malicious intent, as opposed to harmless teasing.

It’s so frustrating. Despite him (Bae Jinyoung) saying it isn’t content for character analysis, LOL. And the character analysis that they did for him sucked. Honestly, it’s frustrating as a fan, LOL.

— @baevest/Twitter

  • Member: “Jinyoung hyung needs to first get divorced at least once.”
  • Member: “Okay, this is my character analysis for you guys. What do you think?”
  • Bae Jinyoung: “I don’t like it.”
  • Member: “Didn’t Hyunsuk explain last time why it’s a divorce?”
  • Member: “Yes, it’s because he looks like a wolf. It feels like we would be caught up in a toxic relationship. “
  • Bae Jinyoung: “What are you saying?”
  • Member: “His face looks like he’s about to bite you in court.”
  • Member: “Like in a movie, you know someone who boldly walks towards a courthouse while wearing a black suit? Jinyoung’s face gives off that vibe.”
  • Member: “It’s a compliment, right?”
  • Member: “Of course it is. It’s absolutely not an insult.”
  • Member: “I need to make it clear. I analyzed the characters (of our group), and Jinyoung is basically a gangster. He’s really not like that, and this is just for fun based on our characters, so fans, please don’t misunderstand.

Another incident the netizen presents as evidence of Bae Jinyoung’s mistreatment is an alleged tweet from a fan of a different member of the group. According to the netizen, while Bae Jinyoung was sick with the shingles, a prominent fan of a different member made up a rumor stating that Bae Jinyoung had been cut from Inkigayo due to his attitude. The Twitter user has since deleted their account.

Since I’ve been told not to call him using informal language, anyways, do you know that “person” got cut from Inkigayo? Everyone that would know does know… During rehearsals, his attitude was so lethargic that the director got upset and yelled and threw his headphones before cutting him. If you don’t believe me, go to the studio and ask for yourself. This is something that I heard personally.

— @anywaykpop/Twitter

The netizen then posted another tweet, presumably from the same user, criticizing Bae Jinyoung for allegedly loving his former group, Wanna One, more than CIX.

Please teach your crazy, useless artist some respect. He is unable to forget about his past for two years, and when he sees his former Wanna One members, he forgets about his current group and goes crazy. Isn’t it the agency’s job to help him come to terms with reality?

— Twitter user

According to the netizen, as the rumors spread, Bae Jinyoung revealed that he was unable to participate that day due to having shingles and stated that he was disappointed a rumor like that had spread.

The netizen then also uploaded several clips of Bae Jinyoung being hit with items thrown by fans during concerts overseas.

It’s so funny how, despite the fact that (CIX) is continuously on tour overseas, only one member keeps getting hit with items.

— @jilal65982637/Twitter

Since the overseas concert last May (the fans) have been consistent (in hitting Bae Jinyoung), haven’t they?

— @jilal65982637/Twitter

Upon reading the post, netizens expressed shock and concern at the alleged mistreatment Bae Jinyoung had to endure.

| theqoo

  • “I can’t believe these things happened… Who else is in (CIX) besides Bae Jinyoung? Just go solo…”
  • “Sigh, as a former Wanna One fan, my heart is breaking… I just want him to be happy.”
  • “To be honest, I don’t know any of them besides Bae Jinyoung. Can’t he just go solo? How can they treat him like that?”
  • “I heard there were crazy fans that go to fan sign events to deliver letters cursing (idols) out, and I think the fan who started the rumor is that type of fan.”
  • “Wow, did he say “meat shield”? You can tell the type of person he is by the language they use. I’m amazed that an idol used that word without much controversy.”
  • “How did you endure this, Jinyoung?”
  • “As a former Wanna One fan, my heart hurts. I can’t believe it took so long for this (story) to come out, and I apologize for not knowing. I hate them all. Jinyoung, why are you in (the) group? Just go solo.”

The posts follow several viral instances that recently shocked fans involving the alleged mistreatment of Bae Jinyoung, including when Bae Jinyoung was interrupted during a concert by fans screaming the names of other members, as well as an incident when one of the members referred to Bae Jinyoung as a “meat shield.”

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