CIX’s BX Faces Major Backlash For His Remark Towards Fellow Member Bae Jinyoung

“I can’t believe Bae Jinyoung was being treated this way…”

CIX‘s leader BX is being criticized for a past remark he made about fellow member Bae Jinyoung.

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On January 31, a post on an online community was quickly going viral. In the post, the author uploads a tweet from a fan criticizing BX for a comment he makes about fellow CIX member Bae Jinyoung.

This fool who calls himself a leader of the same group is acting like a fool talking about a ‘meat shield,’ LOL. He never apologized,  and even then, Bae Jinyoung’s fans were told they were doing too much, right?

— jilal65982637/Twitter

In the clip, BX is asked, in a zombie apocalypse, if he would rather try to survive until the end or if he would rather quickly become a zombie. BX answers by stating that if he was with Bae Jinyoung, he would survive until the end by using him. as a “meat shield.” The author of the post provides context to BX’s answer by stating that Jinyoung wasn’t even with him during the interview.

If I’m with Jinyoung, then I’ll survive until the end because there is a ‘meat shield’ right next to me.

— BX

Many netizens expressed shock that the idol used the term “meat shield,” which is a term used in gaming communities to degrade a player and means someone who is used as a shield from enemy attacks. Many netizens stated that they had never heard of anyone, especially an idol, using the word in real life.

| theqoo
  • “What’s wrong with him?”
  • “He’s so trashy. Someone who uses that word in real life is so yucky.”
  • “I can’t believe Bae Jinyoung was being treated this way. It’s been so shocking since yesterday.”
  • “This only went under the radar because no one knows who they are. If a popular idol used that word, they would be in the news getting cursed out.”
  • “I’ve never heard someone say ‘meat shield’ out loud before.”
  • “He actually used the word ‘meat shield’?”
  • “LOL, I can’t believe someone would use that word in a broadcast. How interesting. Did the agency not understand the severity of it? I can’t believe they didn’t edit it out.”
  • “It’s f@cking disgusting.”

The criticism comes amid a viral video in which Bae Jinyoung is seen being rudely interrupted by concertgoers during a recent CIX concert. According to one concertgoer, Bae Jinyoung was interrupted by fans screaming for other members during his speech.

You can read more about the incident in the article below.

K-Pop Idol’s Rudely Interrupted Concert Ment Goes Viral As Netizens Criticize The “Disrespectful” Lack Of Concert Etiquette


Source: theqoo
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