Netizens Are Shocked After Discovering That Two “XO, Kitty” Stars Are Actually Siblings

Even the casting directors didn’t know until after they were hired!

One of the hottest shows on Netflix right now is the spin-off of the hit franchise To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, with the new series XO, Kitty. The upcoming series follows the romance story of Kitty (Anna Cathcart), Lara Jean (Lana Condor)’s little sister.

Netizens were shocked to discover that two stars from the show are actually siblings!

The poster for “XO, Kitty” | Netflix

In the final movie of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series, Kitty meets Dae (Jeon Ho Young) when her family visits Seoul, South Korea. XO, Kitty follows the story after Kitty convinces her family to let her attend an international school in Seoul that happens to be with Dae.

One of the characters in the show that netizens are obsessed with is Min Ho, played by Sang Heon Lee.

Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho | Netflix

Despite Kitty coming to Korea for her boyfriend Dae (who is now played by Choi Min Young), she has her feelings turned on her head after finding out he is with someone else.

Luckily, she meets the handsome Min Ho. Despite starting as enemies, they quickly form a close bond, and many fans are #TeamMinho when hoping for Kitty’s happy ending.

| Netflix
| Netflix   

Another fan favorite is Yuri, played by Gia Kim.

Gia Kim as Yuri | Netflix

At first, fans were shocked when it was revealed that Yuri was dating Kitty’s boyfriend, Dae. That was until it was revealed that Yuri was actually queer and was with Dae while she dated her friend Juliana (Regan Aliya) in secret.

| Netflix
| Netflix 

Well, netizens were even more shocked to discover that Gia Kim and Sang Heon Lee are actually siblings!

| @sangheonleesh/Instagram
| @sangheonleesh/Instagram

During an interview clip that has been shared online, Gia shared some information about her upbringing as she explained, “I grew up mostly in Asia. I grew up between Korea and Hong Kong.”

| @markofcovey/Twitter 

The actress then shocked fans when pointing out the similarities between her experiences and Heon Lee’s as she shocked fans by saying, “We’re siblings.” As Sang Heon Lee confirmed, the fans in the crowd didn’t expect to hear such a huge revelation.

| @markofcovey/Twitter 

Yet, if fans were shocked, Anna Cathcart’s reaction was even funnier as she remembered how she felt the first time she heard they were siblings. In particular, because their last names are different, even the casting directors didn’t realize they were related.

I fully thought I was being pranked. Casting didn’t even know and they cast them separately, like ‘They’re great, they’re great. Oh, they’re related?’

— Anna Cathcart

| @markofcovey/Twitter 

Netizens couldn’t believe what they had heard when the video was shared.

Although some explained that they thought the two had similar features, others couldn’t get their heads around it, gushing about the visual gene that must run through the family.

In particular, fans loved that Kitty had feelings for both of the siblings’ characters.

While it was shocking to fans, it cements that Gia Kim and Sang Heon Lee proved that superior family genes exist because they’re both stunning and extremely talented.

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