Netizens Show A Mixed Response To GROOVL1N’s “Vague” Statement Addressing Allegations Surrounding RAVI’s Military Exemption

Ravi enlisted as a public service worker in October 2022.

VIXX Ravi‘s label GROOVL1N responded to allegations that Ravi had used an illegal service to receive an exemption for military service.


On January 12, GROOVL1N released a statement in which they stated they are currently looking into the allegations.


This is GROOVL1N.

We are revealing our official statement in regard to the reports that were made today.

First, after being made aware of the reports, we are closely looking into the (allegations) that were made.

Although it is only right that we respond quickly because the allegations are in regard to (Ravi’s) military service, we will give our response after first verifying all of the information as we feel this is our responsibility. Also, if requested, we will faithfully cooperate in the investigation regarding this matter.

We will release more accurate information in the near future.


Netizens showed a mixed response to the label’s statement. Some netizens criticized the label for its vague response and claimed that the response was evidence that Ravi was guilty.

  • “I think they are lawyering up to see how much of this is defendable.”
  • “I think they need to quickly reveal the reason Ravi received his exemption… As time goes by, more people will believe the allegations to be true.”
  • “If it wasn’t true, they would have said so.”
  • “I think the label’s president is the one most taken aback. F@ck ㅠ, LOL.”
  • “I think they released the statement because the article claimed the label was dodging journalists.”

Other netizens felt it was too early to criticize and that they should wait for more facts before judging.

  • “I am just going to wait because I’m hoping this isn’t true ㅜ.”
  • “Just wait until the official statement. You guys almost killed an actor with false drug allegations. How is this any different?”
  • “I’m sure they’ll release another statement today, so just wait. LOL.”
  • “I guess we should just wait for now.”

Previously, Ravi was alleged to have used an illegal service to receive a military exemption. In a bombshell report released by Joy News24, the media outlet reported that “Ravi is embroiled in allegations that he was exempted from serving in active duty service for his mandatory military service through a broker who used illegal methods to get him into public service instead.”

VIXX’s Ravi Suspected To Be The Idol Rapper Who Used Illegal Services To Receive Military Exemptions — Agency Remains Silent

The report stated that the allegations stem from a recent arrest in which former military officials were suspected of helping individuals get an exemption from active duty and instead serve as a public service worker.

Recently, a group of brokers was arrested on charges of assisting high-profile individuals in evading or diminishing the effects of their military service. There were claims that a famous idol rapper was part of the group that the brokers helped receive an exemption from active duty.

— Joy News24

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo