Netizens slam Yoo Seung Jun and praise PSY after old photo resurfaces

An old photo of artist PSY and former Korean star Yoo Seung Jun has resurfaced online, becoming a hot topic in light of the latter’s recent announcement.

In particular, the photo has gained attention as both men had problems in the past regarding their required military enlistment.

Yoo Seung Jun, also known as Steve Yoo, was accused of abandoning his country in 2002 after gaining naturalization as a U.S. citizen thus avoiding his requirement to serve for two years in the Korean military, and was deported and banished from entering South Korea. He has not returned in 13 years.

On the other hand, PSY originally enlisted in 2003 and worked as an industrial military personnel until 2005. However, he was accused by state prosecutors for neglecting his military duties, having appeared on television and holding concerts during his enlistment. PSY re-enlisted two months later in 2007 after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled against him, and he served as a Private First Class to be released in 2009.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Jun recently made an announcement on Weibo that he will be appearing on AfreecaTV to speak on his army controversy and the truth behind it on May 19th.

Netizens wrote, “PSY is amazing that he’ll take a picture with Yoo Seung Jun despite the fact that he deserves more than slapping his face,” “PSY went twice to the army, Yoo Seung Jun, you ran away,” and “Yoo Seung Jun, stop trying to buy sympathy and go away.”

[+984, -26] PSY also got caught playing around and ended up going to army twice, but that’s way better than Yoo Seung Jun.

[+790, -47] PSY fooled around while he was stationed the first time stationed in the celebrity squad. That is the reason why he was sent to the real army again. To be honest, I have no hate feel towards PSY. But this @#!%er Yoo Seung Jun, I want him out of my sight. If he manages to crawl in, I bet there will be a hate crime incident at the airport.

[+646, -62] Stop bringing up PSY serving twice in the army. He worked under a company in the army the first time and was in heaven.. it doesn’t mean he went to army twice.. Why do you guys insult Boom and not PSY when they were stationed at the same place?

Source: The Fact