Netizens Show Support For WayV’s Ten After The Alleged Mismanagement Of A Solo Activity Resulted In Fans Being Unable To Support Him In The Audience

“Label V…didn’t even tell fans about it.”

NCTzens have been expressing some concern over the way SM Entertainment‘s subsidiary, Label V has been managing the activities of WayV‘s Ten, particularly after the label allegedly failed to promote one of his solo activities properly and left Ten with no fans in the audience.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten has been engaged in solo activities in China for the last few months, and was even unable to participate in promotions for NCT‘s big 2021 comeback, Universe, due to his absence from South Korea. After so long away from his NCT and WayV members, fans have been calling for him to return to South Korea soon, though it seems like Ten still has some solo activities to wrap up.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

According to fans, Label V allegedly failed to make tickets available for the recording of a variety show Ten was participating in, despite being offered 7 free tickets for fans by the production company of the show, Youku.

Fans who attended the event claimed that, since Label V had allegedly not accepted the tickets for fans from Youku, many fans ended up having to buy tickets at exorbitant prices from other sources. And when they entered the venue they found that, though an area had been set aside for Ten’s fans, the area was empty, seeing as Label V had not made tickets available or informed fans properly about the event.

Therefore, Ten was reportedly the only artist at the recording with almost no fans there to support him, which left fans feeling frustrated.

As a result, concerns over Ten’s management have been voiced online, with some fans claiming that the WayV members had previously already been concerned that WayV’s inactivity risked losing fans…

…while other netizens were left worried about what Label V’s management means for Ten’s career.

Most importantly, however, fans have come together to support Ten and to show the true extent of their respect and appreciation for him.

And even more so since it will be his birthday soon! In fact, he’s already received some surprise early celebrations…

…with fans wishing that he always receive the love and support he deserves.

If there is one thing that the alleged mismanagement of this event has proven, it’s that fans will always be there to support Ten, no matter what!