Netizens Suspect Discord Between Sunmi And Longtime Friend, URBAN ZAKAPA’s Jo Hyun Ah

She unfollowed her.

URBAN ZAKAPA’s Jo Hyun Ah has been in a difficult relationship with her agency, Abyss Company. Jo Hyun Ah has decided not to renew with the company, but she still has some time left in her contract. On the other hand, the other two members of the band are in the midst of contract renewal discussions. As Jo Hyun Ah is considered the front man and representative of the group,  the company seemed to view her leaving as the possible end for URBAN ZAKAPA and Abyss Company.

As such, the band was left out of the company’s family photo for Chuseok.

Abyss Company family photo, minus Urban Zakapa.

It seems like they did not even tell URBAN ZAKAPAabout the shoot. Jo Hyun Ah left a cutting comment on the post.

Wow, we’re not there, LOL. Could’ve told us about it at least.

— Jo Hyun Ah

Abyss Company later uploaded a public apology to the band, but Jo Hyun Ah was not having it.

Oh… So if you apologize like this, I have to accept the fact and move on? That feels a bit coerced. I feel like I’m being forced to take the apology…

— Jo Hyunah

Things came to a boiling point. Fans discovered that Jo Hyun Ah was no longer following Sunmi on Instagram. Sunmi has been a longtime friend of Jo Hyun Ah. It was Jo Hyun Ah that introduced Sunmi to Abyss Company even. However, Sunmi uploaded the family photos to her Instagram.

Jo Hyun Ah left the following comment on Sunmi’s post.

The feelings of betrayal from the photo might have triggered Jo Hyun Ah to unfollow Sunmi. Uploading the photos may have been interpreted as Sunmi turning a blind eye to Jo Hyun Ah’s feelings towards Abyss Company. Netizens had much to say about the matter.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • I’m supporting Jo Hyun Ah on this… It’s the most cruel for a company to ostracize someone. Especially in her case, it is an entertainment company. That speaks for itself.
  • Did you not read Jo Hyun Ah’s Instagram Story? If the contract period is not over yet, it means that she is still under their contract. During that period, the company took the family photo without URBAN ZAKAPA. They should’ve told the members about it before shooting. That’s basically silently treating them as nonexistent. During all this time, even if Jo Hyun Ah and the other members talked to the company about performing, they weren’t able to proceed. If the company was unable to properly support their activities, then it’s reasonable for her to be upset. And even if they didn’t re-contract, there is strictly period remaining left, so for the company to have spread media articles that their contract ended, is so petty of them.
  • Jo Hyun Ah being upset is reasonable. I’m not saying Sunmi is in the wrong, but her unfollowing Sunmi probably came from her feelings of being upset at the company. She definitely knew people would talk, but she probably unfollowed her after making her own judgement. “Why are the other members not angry, but only Jo Hyun Ah?” You could say that, but the other members are still discussing their re-contract, so it’s not good for them to rock the boat. Jo Hyun Ah is no longer their company’s artist so she can speak up. She just treasures her group that much, so I think she’s upset that a company who has been working with them for years is acting like that…
  • Huh? She probably felt betrayed. She’s the one who introduced Sunmi to the company, but she’s being ostracized.
  • Isn’t that just ostracizing her as a group? I’d skip on the company if I were her.

Jo Hyun Ah has already expressed feelings of being ostracized at the company. Read more about it below.

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Source: Nate Pann