Netizens Are Torn Over Actress Lee Sun Bin’s Alleged False Testimony Controversy

Netizens debated whether the actress was at fault.

Netizens were torn over a media outlet’s article alleging Lee Sun Bin had given false testimony in court four years ago.

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In the article, the media outlet claims that in 2021, Lee Sun Bin recounted testimony she gave four years ago.

According to the outlet, in a case in which Imagine Asia was suing an “Executive Byun” for canceling the actress’s contract during a merger process only to re-sign her to WYD Entertainment, Lee Sun Bin stated that the executive had nothing to do with WYD Entertainment. In 2021, however, in a case in which Executive Byun was suing a “Mr. Seo” over ownership of WYD Entertainment, Lee Sun Bin testified that WYD Entertainment belonged to Executive Byun.

Lee Sun Bin is alleged to have recounted her testimony from four years ago | The Fact

The media outlet then alleges that Lee Sun Bin’s original testimony led to a company involved in the trial delisting, which caused thousands of investors to lose money.

Lee Sun Bin has since denied all allegations stating that if she had given false testimony, then she should be punished.

Actress Lee Sun Bin Fires Back At Media Outlet For Alleging She Had Given False Testimony In Court

Lee Sun Bin would further debunk the media outlet’s claims when the actress posted articles that revealed the company in question had been delisted due to embezzlement and mismanagement.

It is because of these reasons (the company) was delisted.

— Lee Sun Bin

The controversy has since spread to online communities where netizens were torn over the news. Although the majority of netizens stated that Lee Sun Bin’s testimony didn’t have any bearing on the company’s delisting and defended the actress, there were still many others who felt no matter what, it was wrong for the actress to give false testimony.

  • “I guess she has no guilt over falsely testifying.”
  • “Still it is wrong to falsely tesitfy.”
  • “When a company goes bankrupt, it is never because of one person.”
  • “It was wrong for her to lie, but still it is too much to state that she caused the company to go bankrupt.”
  • “If she had lied, don’t you think she would have been punished? I think the only controversy here is with the journalist.”
  • “Horrible journalist.”
  • “It seems like there is a truck-full of people here that have no idea as to what perjury is.”
  • “Don’t comment after reading the article. Go read Lee Sun Bin’s Instagram story.”
  • “Horrible journalist.”

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