Actress Lee Sun Bin Fires Back At Media Outlet For Alleging She Had Given False Testimony In Court

“Are you claiming I said these things?”

Actress Lee Sun Bin personally denied allegations that she had given false testimony during the trial of her former agency.

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In the early morning of January 4, Lee Sun Bin wrote on her Instagram account. In her Instagram story, the actress included a photo of an article whose title reads, “[Exclusive] ‘I think it will be disadvantageous’… ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Lee Sun Bin’s, False Testimony Controversy.”

What is going on this early morning? If I had given false testimony during a trial, I should be punished. Is controversy alone enough for you? Maybe you are trying to make up controversy?

— Lee Sun Bin

Lee Sun Bin’s Instagram story |

The actress personally rebuked the article and denied that she played any part in the label being delisted on Korea’s stock exchange.

And you say that (the label) was delisted because of me? Are you saying I said these things? Please learn more about that company and the case before writing an article!

—  Lee Sun Bin

Lee Sun Bin would upload an additional story in which she posted articles revealing that the label had been delisted due to embezzlement and mismanagement.

It is because of these reasons (the company) was delisted.

— Lee Sun Bin

Earlier, a media outlet had alleged that the actress had given false testimony during a case in which a former label executive was on trial for blackmail. According to the article, in an open trial this past June, Lee Sun Bin allegedly recounted her original testimony from four years ago, stating that she had lied in fear of consequences. The media outlet claimed that Lee Sun Bin’s false testimony had decisively influenced the case, which led to the company’s delisting.

Source: SBS
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