Netizens Are Shocked At NewJeans’ Unsafe Rehearsal Conditions Ahead Of The “2023 World Scout Jamboree” Concert

“The concert needs to be canceled ASAP!”

After a lot of controversies and changes in the lineup, the 2023 World Scout Jamboree has come under fire again for its unsafe conditions for the K-Pop idols performing ahead of the show,

While many of the artists changed, one of the biggest idols to perform is NewJeans.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

On August 11, ahead of the show, videos of some of the groups performing were shared online. One of those was NewJeans. Straight away, netizens noticed the conditions they were practicing in.

In the video, the members were practicing under a tent, and from those around them, it was clear that it was or had been raining as people were standing under umbrellas and wearing cagoules.

| @peulraeng_/Twitter

In particular, while the members were covered during their rehearsal, it was clear that the floor was wet and slippery. Even a tent wouldn’t have been able to protect the stage from getting wet, and it could be very dangerous for artists, especially those dancing.

| @peulraeng_/Twitter  

When the video was shared online, some fans praised the members for being so professional.

Yet, while some praised the members’ professionalism, the main consensus was anger over the dangerous conditions the artists had to practice and eventually perform with. Considering how upbeat and intense K-Pop idols’ dances are, the stage being wet could cause serious damage.

In particular, even the members acknowledged the dangers as Danielle shared a tweet saying, “Stay safe and see u ASAP.”

Yet, it wasn’t just NewJeans’ concert rehearsals that had fans concerned. In another video, boy group P1Harmony was also spotted rehearsing in the rain and under a tent.

| @Hyjyku6u6hr/Twitter
| @Hyjyku6u6hr/Twitter   

While the members were not using their full energy, which would’ve been unsafe, netizens continued to struggle to understand how it was still going on.

The festival was first canceled due to the danger of the heat, yet for many, the rain is even more dangerous for the stars performing on stage.

Although K-Pop idols are trained to perform in many conditions, going on stage following a typhoon and with rain is very unsafe.

Source: Insight