Netizens Want More Of “All Of Us Are Dead”‘s Supporting Actress Cho Yi Hyun In The Second Season

They think she stole the show.

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Netflix‘s high school zombie thriller series All Of Us Are Dead is taking over the global platform with its intense plot and insane viewership ratings. The K-Drama has been sweeping its competitors, as the apocalyptic series breaks records left and right. And as the All Of Us Are Dead actors experience popularity like never before, it was one particular actress that has captivated the audience with her stellar acting abilities.

“All Of Us Are Dead” poster | Netflix

Actress Cho Yi Hyun, who plays the role of Choi Nam Ra in the series, has captivated viewers with her portrayal. Choi Nam Ra is a cold valedictorian and class president, who only cares about her studies and rankings. While in the beginning of the series, Choi Nam Ra is portrayed as a selfish and coldhearted individual, it was after the zombie outbreak that she opened up her heart in an effort to help her fellow students.

Cho Yi Hyun in “All Of Us Are Dead” still | Netflix

Despite being a supporting role in the series, however, it was Cho Yi Hyun’s portrayal of her character that has taken over different online communities. Netizens all over the internet expressed their love and support for the actress, demanding that they see more of her in the next season of the show.

Comments, such as “the supporting actress was the best”, “I’m looking forward to her the most if there’s a second season”, “she’s the prettiest” and more began to take over different discussion boards.

Actress Cho Yi Hyun | Netflix

Cho Yi Hyun is a 22-year-old actress who made her debut back in 2017 in a web drama titled Sweet Revenge. Following her appearance in the web series, the actress quickly began to get casted for numerous other productions, such as Bad PapaHospital Playlist 1 & 2School 2021 and more.

Cho Yi Hyun.

With her recent big break in All Of Us Are Dead, we get a feeling that we will be seeing way more of Cho Yi Hyun on our screens soon.

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