“Nevertheless” Actor Kim Min Gwi Accused Of Cheating, Abusive Language, And Breaking Covid-19 Quarantine — Agency Looking Into It

A netizen claiming to be his ex-girlfriend of six years made the accusations.

Nevertheless actor Kim Min Gwi has been accused by an anonymous netizen of cheating on her, abusive language, and even breaking Covid-19 quarantine procedures to meet a different girl.

Kim Min Gwi

According to a post on an online community, an anonymous netizen claiming to be Kim Min Gwi’s ex-girlfriend of six years called him out for multiple offences, including cheating, abusive language, and breaking Covid-19 quarantine procedures.

You went to the club without telling me for more than six years, you had one-night stands with many women, would see two women at the same time, and verbally abuse them.

If his cheating ways and the truth were revealed, I wouldn’t be able to live in Seoul anymore, so I asked him to call me his ex-girlfriend. But when I approached him about it, he pushed me aside and said ‘What did you say to my girlfriend? Is it because I’m doing well and you want to mooch off me?’

Aren’t you scamming the public now that you are getting love for your conservative and reliable image, which is the opposite of what you really are? When I asked you if it was okay for people to learn about your bad behavior, and that it could affect your acting career, you just said that it was our relationship and told me to do whatever I’d like to. I wonder if the people who read this will feel the same way, knowing your nature and personality, or whether they’ll see you as the person on TV.

You keep appearing on TV and posting on Instagram. I hope everyone will get to learn that you are selfish and an inhumane piece of trash.

— Netizen

In addition, she claimed that Kim Min Gwi, who previously tested positive for Covid-19 in May, was previously also identified as a close contact to an individual who tested positive for Covid-19. He was required to self-isolate as he was a close contact, but instead the netizen accused him of violating quarantine policy and leaving his home without permission to meet up with a girl he was seeing on the side.

Kim Min Gwi’s agency Big Picture Entertainment stated that they are looking into the report, and they do not have any further details at the moment.

Source: Wikitree and Osen