“Nevertheless” Actress Yang Hye Ji Revealed To Be The Niece Of A Famous Actor

Her uncle has been in the industry for 18 years!

If actress Yang Hye Ji looks familiar to you, it may be because of her most recent appearance in JTBC‘s Nevertheless. The actress has been garnering positive attention for her portrayal as Oh Bit Na in the K-Drama, and as she begins to experience popularity following the success of the series, a surprising fact about her family has started to make headlines.

Yang Hye Ji as Oh Bit Na in “Nevertheless” | Awesome Entertainment

It was recently revealed that Yang Hye Ji’s acting abilities don’t fall far from the tree, as she boasts a famous relative that is also in the acting industry. Her uncle was belatedly revealed to be the beloved actor Ahn Nae Sang!

Actor Ahn Nae Sang.

Ahn Nae Sang is a veteran actor that has been in the industry since 1994. Following his debut, the actor has been featured in dozens of films and series all throughout his career. His impressive acting resume includes TazzaSungkyunkwan Scandal, The Moon Embracing The Sun, Do Do Sol Sol La La SolMouseLaw School and many, many more.

Ahn Nae Sang in “Law School” | JTBC

According to news reports, Ahn Nae Sang is Yang Hye Ji’s uncle on her mother’s side, meaning that the veteran actor and the rookie actress’s mother are siblings.

Yang Hye Ji shared in an interview that while she has never personally revealed this fact, everyone within the industry somehow already knew about it. She also further shared that while there are times she contacts her uncle for acting advice, they rarely converse about it in their normal conversations.

| Awesome Entertainment

In related news, Yang Hye Ji’s time as Oh Bit Na recently concluded as Nevertheless aired its final episode just a few days ago. While we will miss her spunky character, we can’t wait to see what’s next for this rookie actress!

Source: Insight
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