Newest Episode Of “Nevertheless” Stuns With A Record Low, As It Dips Below A 1% Viewership Rating

They broke their previous record.

On August 7, viewers tuned in for the 8th episode of Nevertheless to see how the plot, as well as Song Kang and Han So Hee‘s relationship evolved since the previous episode. Much to everyone’s disappointment, however, it seems that the JTBC series fell short in impressing their viewers once again.

Song Kang (left), Han So Hee (right) in “Nevertheless” poster | JTBC

According to Nielson Korea — a viewership ratings website — Nevertheless‘ recent episode recorded a shockingly low 0.994%. The JTBC series started off with a 2.207% for its premiere episode, which was considered to be a low number even back then. With each episode release, however, the K-Drama has been on a consistent decline with the ratings. Despite the noticeable decrease in the ratings, Nevertheless never dropped below 1% — until now.

This came as an even bigger shock since the most recent episode featured a steamy kiss between the two leads, which has usually been enough to hook viewers in to the episodes.

Kiss scene in most recent episode of “Nevertheless” | JTBC

Upon reading about the series’ 0.994% rating, netizens reacted by sharing their relentless and ongoing disappointment with Nevertheless.

| theqoo
  • “Song Kang is really bad at acting. He’s not just bad, but really bad.”
  • “Song Kang, please practice your acting…also, the plot is boring.”
  • “There’s no solution to Song Kang’s acting, but there’s a bigger problem with the storyline. It’s not fun at all. It’s like a 10 episode long movie.”
  • “The visuals of the two are so nice, but Song Kang’s acting is really terrible. We’re supposed to follow the characters in the drama, but because the main actor is bad at acting, my focus gets shattered so of course it’s no fun.”
  • “I already know how it ends so I especially don’t want to watch.”
  • “I watch it because of Sol and Ji Wan (two side characters.)”
  • “I didn’t realize they were still airing but based on the comments, it seems like a crisis.”
  • “Honestly, it’s hard to say that only one person’s acting is bad. The female lead’s acting is about the same too. It’s not like the drama itself has a trendy enough quality about it.”

Nevertheless has two final remaining episodes left in its series. Will you be tuning in?

Source: theqoo, WikiTree and Insight