New 11-Member Boy Group OMEGA X, Made Up Of ONLY Survival Show Contestants And Current Idols, Set To Debut

Who will be re-debuting?

A new “Avengers” level boy group called OMEGA X is set to make their debut, and they will be comprised entirely of former survival program trainees and current boy group members.

SPIRE Entertainment announced their new boy group OMEGA X, with the tagline “Your Boys Have Come Back 2021”, sharing the silhouette of the 11 members who will be making up the group. The group’s name, OMEGA X, comes from the Greek alphabet Omega, which means “the end” or “final”, and holds the meaning that the group intends on being the “final boss” in the K-Pop industry.

In the trailer posted on their website, they also stated that OMEGA X is coming to change everything in ways that haven’t been seen before.

OMEGA X will be comprised of 11 members, and all 11 members will have had experience in survival shows or are key members in their current boy groups. Due to this experience, the group is expected to show amazing performances and visuals that cannot be rivaled by current rookies.

We will introduce OMEGA X’s universe in a way that will satisfy fans from around the world. We would like for your support and interest in OMEGA X’s future activities.

— SPIRE Entertainment

OMEGA X will begin releasing their member teasers on March 15.

Source: Osen