New Animated Movie “Spies In Disguise” Revealed To Have Used TWICE’s “Knock Knock” As Their Official Soundtrack

TWICE is getting the international recognition they deserve!

TWICE are global queens!

The highly anticipated spy-comedy animated film, Spies In Disguise, starring Will Smith and Tom Holland, released recently to great reviews! While ONCEs who saw the film enjoyed it, they were in for a surprise when the end credits rolled around, for who should they see credited on the screen? None other than their best girls, TWICE!


TWICE is credited as the performers of “Knock Knock” in the ending credits, which lists “Knock Knock” as one of its official soundtracks! In the film, the character of Tom Holland, Walter Beckett, is also seen jamming along to the song and singing it, word for word!



Fans were extremely excited to see their girls getting that global recognition!


“Knock Knock” is the title track of TWICE’s special reissue album TWICECOASTER: LANE 2, released on February 20, 2019.

Watch the MV here!


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