Here’s A New Children’s Game That Could Appear In Season 2 Of “Squid Game” According To The Director

Have you heard of this game before?

Squid Game has been tearing up the world recently. It has quickly become Netflix‘s current top hit globally and is on its path to becoming Netflix’s most successful original release. Although nothing has been confirmed for sure, many are certain the show will be renewed for a second season.

The director, Hwang Dong Hyuk teased fans about a game that could potentially be used in the second season. In an interview with jtbc‘s Newsroom, he shared that he wanted to use a particular game because of the infinite possibilities it holds.

The game is called “Why Did You Come To My House“. It is one where you sing a song and try to steal over someone from the opposite team one by one. Here are the rules.

1. The players are split into two teams of equal numbers at first.

2. One person from each team plays rock paper scissors to decide which team will “attack” first. The two teams will stand opposite each other in parallel lines. You have to hold the hands of your own team.

3. The defending team takes steps forward while singing the line, “Why did you come to my house, come to my house, come to my house?” While this happens, the attacking team will take steps back.

4. The attacking team will take steps forward singing the line, “To pick the flowers, pick the flowers, pick the flowers.

5. The defending team will ask the attacking team, “Which flower, flower, flower“, while the attacking team names a team player they want to steal.

6. The named played will play rock paper scissors with the person standing opposite them from the other team. If they lose, they will join the other team. If they win, they get to stay.

7. This is repeated until all players are won over to one team.

Check out an example of the game below!

Seems innocuous enough, but who knows! The game is sure to take a cruel turn in Squid Game.

Source: theqoo