New Club Called “Label” Is Reportedly The Exact Same Club As Burning Sun

It’s called “The 2nd Burning Sun”.

MBC’s Straight reported on a new club in Gangnam, called Label. They were able to sit down with a former employee of Burning Sun who claimed that Label was the “2nd Burning Sun”.

Just two months after Burning Sun closed its doors, Label opened up just a few minutes away in Sinsa. The former employee visited the club and realized that everyone who worked at Burning Sun and Arena (another controversial club that was shut down) had started working at Label.

Not only were the employees the same, but Label also offered the same services, such as a fireworks show, alcohol menu, and more.

When I went there, I saw that all of the Burning Sun employees were working there. They only switched the layout. It’s the 2nd Burning Sun.

— Former Employee

With basically Burning Sun switching its name and re-opening near the same neighborhood, MBC speculated that the same illegal services could be playing out at the new club.

They also reported that Burning Sun’s executive director is currently preparing to open up a new club in Gangnam.

Source: Star News

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