NewJeans’s Hanni Has Everyone Going “Awwww” At Her Adorable Childhood Photos

She matured into a gorgeous teen.

ADOR, a sub-label of HYBE, has just launched their new girl group, NewJeans. The group is already swiftly gaining attention even prior to their official debut. With a total of three music videos released before their debut, they’ve been sweeping up fans non-stop. In particular, international fans took interest in Hanni. With her round features and adorable smile, she could very well be the visual of the group. She’s also gained interest for her unique background as a Vietnamese-Australian.


Fans have already located her childhood photos! Take a look at how naturally cute she has always been.

It seems like Hanni was a fan of One Direction.

She was spotted waving a huge poster for them.

It seems Hanni was active in staying true to her roots. While we’re not sure what’s going on in the picture, the ladies in the background are wearing the Ao Dai, the traditional costume of Vietnam.

She holds a microphone in a Vietnamese mart. Born to be a star, this one!

As the photos go by, we see her grow into the gorgeous teen she is today.

It seems like nothing much as changed in terms of her looks. Hanni still retains that wide smile and button nose. Be sure to check out the music video for “Attention” while we wait on more information about the girls.