SBS’s New K-Drama “Backstreet Rookie” Premieres… Only To Face Intense Viewer Criticism

“I hope they cut the series short…”

On June 19, 2020 KST, SBS premiered a new K-Drama Backstreet Rookie featuring actor Ji Chang Wook and actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Based on a controversial, but nonetheless popular, webtoon by the same title, the series received a substantial amount of attention from K-Drama viewers since the announcement of its production.

Original Webtoon

When the first episode aired, however, Backstreet Rookie immediately found itself facing fierce criticism for “sexualizing female high school students“…

… “using prostitution as a humor point” in the plot…

… and even plagiarizing a scene from a Japanese movie, Bakuman.

A “Backstreet Rookie” scene featuring a webtoon artist working on a 19+ series
A “Bakuman” scene said to be the original version

K-Drama viewers grew extra-frustrated post-premiere, especially because the production team had assured that “Backstreet Rookie will be a family-friendly drama that highlights the small but significant joys found in everyday lives.”

Amidst the criticism, the premiere accumulated a 6.3% in viewer ratings. The production team is yet to respond to the concerns — and so the viewers remain skeptical about the upcoming episodes.

Will Backstreet Rookie be able to turn the table around as more episodes air?

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