New K-Drama Under Fire For Casually Showing Child Abuse Scene

Is it just for shock value?

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying and violence that may disturb some readers.

The Escape of The Seven premiered on September 15. Yet, it’s already under fire for its disturbing content. With an eerie premise, the first episode is already met with disturbing content such as child abuse. Coming from the writer of The Penthouse, it’s no surprise. But, how well did netizens take it?

Official poster for The Escape Of The Seven | Studio S

The revenge drama is about seven people involved in the case of a missing girl, and as they attempt to lie their way through situations, and how it only makes the ugly truth come to light. The first episode focuses on the character Da Mi, portrayed by Jung Ra El, who’s life turns upside down when she reunites with her estranged mother, portrayed by Hwang Jung Eum, who seems to only be after one thing in life: her grandfather’s money.

She befriends a popular girl at school, Mo Ne, portrayed by Lee Yu Bi, who subsequently transforms Da Mi into her shadow. In an incident where Mo Ne gives birth in the school’s art room, and gives Da Mi her newborn baby to meet her in the park with, making her late to her plans with her mother and grandfather.

Bang Da Mi (portrayed by Jung Ra El, left), and Han Mo Ne (portrayed by Lee Yu BI, right)

Da Mi runs home in the pouring rain, only to be abandoned and physically punished twice by her mother at the end of the episode.

The child abuse scene which disturbed netizens for it’s casual addition | theqoo

The writer for The Escape Of The Seven is Kim Soon Ok, who is known for her highly provocative and controversial writing. Yet, it’s because of her status as a scandalous writer that this casual addition of disturbing, violent scenes has caused a wild debate between netizens since it’s premiere.

Kim Soon Ok, the writer of The Escape Of The Seven

  • WTF? How come the mom’s beating up her own daughter?
  • To be honest, Kim Soon Ok‘s K-Dramas come with some of the most harmful plot lines… because there’s a lot of bullying and murdering going on. Yet, people get way more upset about settings in shows like “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “My Liberation Notes.” Lmao. C’mon. “Penthouse” and “The Escape Of The Seven” are a billion times worse for the viewer’s mental health.
  • You know, right after getting punched and slapped, Da Mi stands there completely damaged. But, she asks what she needs to do to fix things. It made me bawl. I was disgusted by how the character, a child, was being bullied and neglected. I don’t think anyone in their right mind can watch this K-Drama. Geum Ra Hee and Han Mo Ne are f*cking psychotic characters. Sigh. I sat through the whole episode because of Lee Joon, but, really, Kim Soon Ok has done it again. I feel stupid for having watched the whole thing, especially after reading theqoo reviews.
  • You’re all acting like this is the first time Kim Soon Ok has written something scandelous. LOL. You are the same ones who made her previous shows mega-hits, too.
  • It’s not like she EVER kept things normal, though?
  • We shouldn’t even be talking about it like this, because this is attention nonetheless. We’re only helping it go viral, and people will start watching and get hooked.
  • Oh, gosh. What even is this? I didn’t watch “Penthouse,” so I’m not sure what people are talking about… But, I’m just confused as to why a kid had to be punched.

  • It makes me so sad that, in reality, things are probably worse. The K-Drama is a TV program. It has been toned down and filtered.
  • Yikes… I thought I’d seen it all in “Penthouse.” This series looks like it’s going to make my head spin.
  • I was watching it in complete disbelief… It’s overdramatic, and lacks in quality. Felt like a cheap, trashy manhwa.

Many believe that the writer’s addition of such controversial moments are added simply for shock value and entertainment, rather than to tell a story, others believe that Kim Soon Ok had lost her touch something so casually disturbing was described by some as messy writing.

Despite this, many netizens also praise Kim Soon Ok’s writing, and look forward to seeing the story unfold.


Source: theqoo and SBS NOW