New K-Drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Trends Actress Seo Ye Ji And Her Unique Voice

“Seo Ye Ji’s voice is seriously too perfect…”

On June 20, 2020, the new tvN K-Drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay premiered — and with the first two episodes in, K-Drama fans are already obsessing over the lead actress Seo Ye Ji (also known as Seo Yea Ji)…

“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Lead Actress Seo Ye Ji

… and her beautifully unique voice! In fact, the keywords “Seo Ye Ji’s Voice” began trending on Korean Twitter shortly after the two episodes aired.

Her voice in this scene is insane.

— Twitter @dalikeing

K-Drama fans can’t get enough of how mysteriously sexy her deep voice sounds…

Wow, what a sight! (Totally in love)

— Twitter @pupa_09

… especially in combination of her character’s ferocious personality!

This is crazy. Seo Ye Ji’s voice is seriously too perfect for this crazy dominant-type character. LOL.

— Twitter @theoddthing

Even her co-star actor Kim Soo Hyun shared that Seo Ye Ji’s one-and-only voice is “so good that the series would have done well as an audio drama too” — and that he has to “constantly think about how he can sound better to be in harmony with her amazing voice.”

While everyone is busy praising her voice, Seo Ye Ji once revealed, in a 2015 interview, that she used to think “[her] voice is too low and not feminine enough”. Discouraged, she considered it her weakness when she was a rookie actress starting off in the industry.

I debuted when I was younger… so I had a young face, but a mature voice. It concerned me because that comment would haunt me every time.

— Seo Ye Ji

Rather than becoming discouraged though, Seo Ye Ji found a way to really own this so-said “weakness” of hers. When she discovered that her voice sounds good in the Spanish language, she took off to study abroad Spain after high school. There, she picked up the language — which she boasted in her previous K-Dramas like Potato Star 2013QR3.

Since then, Seo Ye Ji has come to believe that “[her] deep voice is actually a blessing because no one else in the industry has one quite like it.” And K-Drama fans can’t help but agree 200%.

‘Why am I here? Because I missed you.’ Man, Seo Ye Ji’s voice is f*cking amazing.

— Twitter @dalikeing

There is no one else quite like Seo Ye Ji indeed!

Watch the full interview with fan subtitles here:

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