New Netflix K-Drama Is In The Works Starring Park Hae Soo And Lee Jung Jae, With Gong Yoo To Make A Special Appearance

A solid line-up.

Netflix Korea is on a roll recently, as it acquires the rights to yet another new original drama. This time, they take on a drama about a survival game to win money. Titled Squid Games, the title is a play on a traditional Korean game children play, where the players are split into tag teams and the game boundaries are drawn in the shape of a squid. The adult version is a little different it seems, with a winner-take-all rule and a ₩45.6 billion KRW ($3.8 million USD) prize up for grabs.

Park Hae Soo has been casted for a leading role. | BAZAAR Korea

The drama has recently casted Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo. Lee Jung Jae recently starred in Chief of Staff 1 and 2, while Park Hae Soo won acclaim from his role in Smart Prison Living. Lee Jung Jae plays an office worker that loses his job and hits rock bottom, eventually learning of the survival game and jumping at the chance. Park Hae Soo plays his neighborhood dongsaeng that has recently graduated from one of Korea’s top universities. He is caught embezzling company funds and thus decides to join the game as an out.

Lee Jung Jae will star opposite Park Hae Soo. | The Korea Times

As Squid Games is directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk PD, it has been reported that Gong Yoo has been extended a featuring role. The two worked together in the past on the movie Silenced, alongside Jung Yu Mi.

Gong Yoo has been offered a cameo role. | OSEN

Gong Yoo’s representatives replied that they were unable to answer press queries while Netflix Korea replied that they are checking on it.

The drama is slated for release sometime this year. It seems that it is going to be a busy year for Gong Yoo, as he has also been slated for a leading role in another Netflix original, The Silent Sea, about a scientist that heads off to retrieve research samples from an abandoned space station.

Source: Chosun and MK Daily