NewJeans Gain Attention For Their Recent Incheon Airport Appearance, And The Reason Showcases Their Influence And Popularity

The attention is all because of their unique outfits!

Since debuting earlier in the year, the members of NewJeans have become one of the hottest groups in K-Pop. From their immense talent, visuals, and charm, the group has gained attention from netizens worldwide.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_ador/Twitter

Despite being so young, the members always gain attention for their visuals and presence during schedules. It was no different when the members arrived at Incheon Airport on their way to Japan for an overseas schedule.

As expected, the idols were true professionals and showcased their charm in front of fans and the media.

Yet, aside from their visuals, the members all gained attention for their looks at the airport. In particular, netizens loved how each member of the group was wearing a different luxury brand.

Member Minji absolutely shined in Chanel and, despite her age, exuded mature vibes with a simple coat and statement bag.

Yet, it was her sparkling headband that added some fun and made it more age-appropriate and less serious. With her simple makeup and long hair, Minji seemed like she was ready to step out onto a catwalk.

NewJeans’ Minji

Unsurprisingly, member Hanni was sporting a look completely made up of Gucci after she was recently signed as the brand’s newest ambassador.

Unlike the other members, Hanni’s outfit was a combination of different textures, and she would almost feel at home in the UK at a country house with the fall colors. It was classy but her visuals allowed the look to seem modern and up-to-date.

NewJeans’ Hanni

Out of all the members in the group, Haerin‘s Dior look is definitely something that netizens could wear and work in an everyday setting.

Wearing blues and whites, Haerin almost seemed to be channeling a nautical theme with simple patterns and designs. Yet, it was the small details like the cute bag and design of the jeans that made it seem perfect for the idol.

NewJeans’ Haerin

One of the members that stood out the most was Danielle, who was wearing Burberry.

Danielle exuded true girl crush vibes in her classy yet casual look. By combining a simple black turtleneck, statement bag, and coat with blue jeans, she looked mature yet comfortable. Her gorgeous hair and dazzling visuals also ensured she shined at the airport.

NewJeans’ Danielle

Youngest member Hyein made sure she also stood out by wearing an outfit by Louis Vuitton.

Although not everyone might be a fan, Hyein definitely stood out with a much brighter look than the rest of her members, showcasing her youthfulness with some color. Of course, it was the idol’s visuals that allowed the look to shine, and with a cute bag and blue jeans, it perfectly completed the look.

NewJeans’ Hyein

Only months after their airport debut, NewJeans continues to make an impact wherever they go.

You can read more about NewJeans’ impact at the airport below.

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