NewJeans Replaces BLACKPINK As The New Face Of Korea

The generations have changed.

NewJeans has recently become the new face of Korea at Incheon Airport, succeeding BLACKPINK.

NewJeans | News 1

BLACKPINK became PR ambassadors for Incheon Main Customs in 2017 where there photo was displayed.

Welcome to Korea!

BLACKPINK welcomes everyone visiting Korea!

— Sign

| @mrshangkong/Instagram

The sign was displayed in the arrival section of Incheon Airport and would be one of the first things travelers see when entering Korea, making it a popular tourist spot to take a photo.

| @meryllpy/Instagram

They could also be seen on video screens on trains and banners throughout Incheon Airport.

| @BLACKPINK_Bar/Twitter
| @vivi3aug8/Twitter

After seven years, NewJeans has been appointed as the new PR ambassadors for Incheon Main Customs!

NewJeans | News 1

The official welcome sign has changed and is sure to become a new hit tourist spot. Netizens are also excited about the fact that NewJeans is showing their national pride by wearing hanbok, traditional Korean clothing.

Welcome to Korea!

NewJeans welcomes everyone visiting Korea!

— Sign

| Instiz

Every seven years, the ambassador has changed: It started as Girls’ Generation, then switched to BLACKPINK, and now the new generation is here with NewJeans. Congrats to NewJeans for becoming the new face of Korea when people enter the country!

Source: Instiz
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