NewJeans’ Bodyguard Goes Viral For The Unique Way He Stops An Intrusive Photographer

“Normalize doing this.”

The protection of idols’ privacy and consideration of their safety in public settings is an ongoing battle celebrities and their companies continue to face.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hyein, Danielle, Haerin, Hanni, and Minji on the way to “Music Bank”

Having public schedules can quickly become chaotic, including when idols go to the airport for overseas schedules.

EXO being mobbed at the airport

There are many obstacles an idol faces when traveling through the airport, including when large groups of fans and media appear to see an idol off before their flight.

For K-Pop idols, knowing they can be filmed or photographed at any moment in public, whether they want to be captured on camera or not, adds additional stress to an already hectic day of flying.

Actress Park Min Young portraying a fansite master in the K-Drama “A Private Life.”

Oftentimes idols’ fansite masters are present at airports, looking to take the best picture of their bias with professional cameras and lenses.

K-Pop bodyguards have explained before that fans with cameras add an extra level of concern to escorting K-Pop idols through the airport, as fans are often distracted by trying to take pictures. This can lead to a lack of awareness of the fans’ surroundings, which can be dangerous.

Fansites gathered to photograph idols at the airport

NewJeans‘ bodyguard recently earned praise for his quick thinking as the popular 4th gen rookie group traveled through Incheon airport on January 6, making their way to Thailand for the 37th Golden Disc Awards.

A now-viral video captured the group as they traveled through the airport and caught the moment someone with a camera began to invade their personal space.

As the photographer approached, the bodyguard quickly flickered a flashlight to disrupt their photo.

Fans praised the bodyguard’s quick thinking and innovative approach to reinforcing NewJeans’ safety and personal boundaries.

Although it was a short clip that didn’t show the whole interaction, the bodyguard’s efforts did seem to disrupt the photographer and cause them to back away from the group.

Fans have begun tagging other Korean entertainment companies, requesting that their bodyguards do the same for different groups, so we may be seeing more of this deflection soon!


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