NewJeans Celebrate 100 Days Of Debut With Three Significant Milestones

Not even a year in, and they are already miles ahead.

On October 29, KST, NewJeans celebrated 100 days since their debut. The occasion was made all the more special when the group revealed their official fandom name and lightstick.

| NewJeans/YouTube

NewJeans fans have got not one but two names, one being “Bunnies” and the other being “Tokkis,” which is the Korean word for “bunnies.” The official lightstick also has a bunny shape with a minimalistic and customizable design. It will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2023.

Just like NewJeans’ official logo, the logo for Bunnies/Tokkis will also be varied, a few examples of which were shown during the quiz show where the members announced the fandom name.

| NewJeans/YouTube
| NewJeans/YouTube

Since their fans had already been calling themselves Tokkis before the announcement, they are pleased that now that name is permanent. Plus, many fans noted that the group got their lightsticks faster than the average time it takes for other groups to get theirs. For comparison, BTS‘s first lightstick was released two years after their debut, in 2015. TWICE‘s lightstick was released a year after their debut in 2016.

Apart from these two group milestones, Newjeans member Hanni also got a huge individual achievement just a day before the completion of her group’s 100-day anniversary. The House of Gucci announced her as their newest brand ambassador, ahead of the Gucci Cosmogonie Seoul show that is scheduled on November 1.

Just three months into their career, and NewJeans seem to have already taken over the K-Pop scene!


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