NewJeans Release Their “Cool With You” Music Video — Netizens React To The Two Global Superstar Cameos

The rumors had fans excited, and the reality was truly unexpected!

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement as the music video for NewJeans‘ new song “Cool With You” was released, especially after ADOR announced cameos from two global stars!

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

NewJeans have already taken over K-Pop with their catchy song “Super Shy,” and their performances and choreography have already become a hit worldwide. With its upbeat tempo and aerobic-like dance moves, it’s the perfect song for the summer.


Yet, the group hadn’t finished treating fans. It was announced that NewJeans would be releasing another music video for a song called “Cool With You,” and ADOR revealed, “(The) music video was produced in two parts, A and B. Two unexpected global stars will also appear in the video.”

Rumors started circulating, with some fans thinking it was BTS’s V after a netizen heard that the idol and NewJeans had eaten in a restaurant in Madrid, including actress Jung Ho Yeon.

Luckily, netizens didn’t have to wait long until the reveal, as the music videos were released at midnight on July 20 (KST).

In the first part of the video, rumors were correct when they identified Jung Ho Yeon as one of the stars. In the music video, the actress and model looked absolutely stunning as she showcased her emotions in the song.



Even in the second part, as the story continued, Jung Ho Yeon proved to be the perfect person to star in the videos.

Contrary to the rumors, the second guest was not BTS’s V. Yet, Jung Ho Yeon was in perfect company as she was joined by the Hong Kong actor and singer Tony Leung. Since making his acting debut in the 1980s, Tony Leung has become one of Asia’s most successful and internationally recognized actors.

So he was the perfect person to star alongside Jung Ho Yeon when he made an appearance and shocked Jung Ho Yeon’s character at the end of the second video.


While the story is left ambiguous, there seems to be a connection between the characters.

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement about the music video. As expected, ADOR got two huge stars and created a masterpiece.

While it wasn’t all that people expected, Jung Ho Yeon and Tony Leung were the perfect duo to take part, and they truly are global superstars.

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