NewJeans’ Danielle Accidentally Spoke Informally To Hanni And It Shows Both Of Their True Personalities

They’re so precious!

The members of NewJeans recently appeared on Studio Choom to perform their single “Attention.” On the outside, the girls looked like skilled performers…

…but on the inside, they were fangirling at their first ever appearance on the iconic show!

I can’t believe we’re at Studio Choom!

— Hyein

The girls monitored themselves intently and showered each other in well-deserved compliments.

  • Minji: “Wow, so pretty”
  • Haerin: “Hyein is so pretty”
  • Hyein: “What are you saying~” *Shy*

Danielle did the same for Hanni, awestruck by her beauty.

Hanni is SO pretty!

— Danielle

However, she quickly remembered that Hanni is older than her by one year so she needs to speak formally to her by using the term “unnie.”

Hanni unnie!

— Danielle

It’s obvious that Hanni didn’t even realize or think much of the mistake, and busts into laughter.

Danielle adorably apologizes with her innocent smile, and all is forgiven!

It’s impossible to not love their wholesome friendship!

| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.


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