NewJeans’ Danielle Shocks With Her “Legendary” Visuals After Being Announced As The Newest Yves Saint Laurent Ambassador

“Danielle looks so unreal…”

Since debuting, ADOR‘s girl group NewJeans has become one of the hottest groups in the world, gaining attention for their talent, stage presence, and charming personalities.

Members of NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

One member who has always impressed fans is Danielle. After debuting, the idol has never failed to showcase her charm and visuals in whatever she does, whether performing, attending events, or interacting with fans.

NewJeans’ Danielle | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Although the group only debuted last year, all of the members have showcased their influence at brand events, and Danielle is no different. After becoming the Burberry ambassador…

Danielle became the Burberry ambassador.

She has also attended other events for designer brands, one of which is Yves Saint Laurent. At the start of the year, Danielle attended an event for the brand and shined with her visuals and charm.

Danielle at a recent YSL event

Considering her amazing appearances at the YSL events and the group’s rising influence, it wasn’t surprising when Danielle was announced as the new beauty ambassador for the brand.

Of course, with any announcement for a brand deal, images were released of Danielle by Vogue Korea. Unsurprisingly, Danielle looked phenomenal and cemented why she was so perfect as the brand’s ambassador, sporting a YSL lipstick and bold makeup.

| @voguekorea/Instagram

| @voguekorea/Instagram

In some of the pictures, Danielle showed a more mature look with a darker outfit and more sophisticated shots.

| @voguekorea/Instagram

| @voguekorea/Instagram

| @voguekorea/Instagram 

Even more shocking and stunning were the later pictures that saw Danielle change her makeup style and opt for a bright red lip color. It made the idol seem mature, allowing her fairy-like visuals to shine even more, including her flawless complexion.

| @voguekorea/Instagram

| @voguekorea/Instagram

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over Danielle’s legendary visuals in the photos. While the idol always looks flawless, these images cement her influence and prove why she’s the perfect ambassador for the brand.

NewJeans continue to showcase their influence, and it seems like a month doesn’t go by without a member gaining a new brand deal. Danielle fits perfectly with YSL, and the photos showcase that.

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Source: @voguekorea