Netizens Can’t Decide What They Prefer More: NewJeans’ Danielle With Bangs or Without

She looks adorable either way!

Since NewJeans debuted only a few months ago, the members have all already made a name for themselves with their charisma, talent, and pretty visuals that all stand out in different ways.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Danielle, for example, has had a lot of attention drawn to her beautiful, genuine smile and sweet features that make her seem like a friend that anyone would want to have!

Danielle (NewJeans) | SBS

She’s absolutely gorgeous too, and recently, her visuals became the topic of conversation on an online forum where fans discussed whether she looks more like a doll with or without bangs.

In the post were included many examples of each, both in the form of gifs as well as photos.


With dramatic bangs, Danielle’s face looks particularly small and delicate, which is what some netizens seem to prefer.


There were plenty of photos shared of Danielle without bangs too, many that showcase her adorable baby hairs!

She looks especially adorable with twin buns that show off her pretty face shape and youthful aura.

When looking at comments from netizens on the post, it’s pretty clear that there is no overwhelming majority of opinion for which hairstyle fans prefer on her!

Many shared their preference for Danielle with bangs…

  • “She looks more like a doll with bangs”
  • “This is the hardest question… She’s pretty in both so how can I decide… but I feel like she looks more like a doll with bangs. A Barbie doll!”
  • “I also think she looks more like a doll with bangs”
  • “With!!!”
  • “With, I was so shocked when I saw her today”
  • “I like her with the bangs. She looks like a doll either way”

But an equal number seem to prefer her just as much without them.

  • “Wow….. without”
  • “Without. The one with her 2 buns is the real deal”
  • “I really like curly baby hair so I prefer no bangs”
  • “She has a tiny forehead so bangs really aren’t the best style for her. She looks gorgeous regardless but no bangs for the win.”
  • “Without!! She’s like Anne Hathaway”
  • “I think because she has a small face and forehead bangs dont properly frame her face. Danielle with the twin buns tho>>>”

Of course, it’s all just a matter of preference, and there’s no doubt that Danielle looks stunning in whatever she’s styled in!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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