NewJeans’ Danielle Goes Viral For Her Gorgeous Visuals As Netizens Call Her “The Top Visual Of 4th Gen Idols”

“She looks like a female lead on Netflix.”

NewJeansDanielle recently left a huge impact on fans with her flawless beauty at music show MCountdown.

Her stunning visuals are giving netizens innocent Disney vibes like that of a princess, as well as the trendy visuals of a Netflix female lead.

She shows her bright smile and bubbly energy on stage…

…and even makes heartwarming eye contact with the members.

Danielle who smiles while looking at other members,,, I fell in love

— Netizen

“I feel like a doll has just debuted,” a netizen writes as they gush over her dainty beauty.

Her endearing expressions shared with her members showcase their adorable bond…

…as well as her stage charisma!

Already displaying her addicting charms, she may be considered a “stan attractor” of NewJeans!

Plus, her Pucca hairstyle is a perfect match. We wouldn’t be surprised if she starts a trend!

Have you fallen for Danielle’s charms yet?

See what the hype is about and check out her full fancam below!