Netizens Grow Concerned For NewJeans After The Food They Eat Is Revealed

Seems like they were put on a diet before debut.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of body image issues or eating disorders that may disturb some readers.

When NewJeans debuted, they were the epitome of fresh, youthful, and natural. All these charms combined made them something K-Pop had not seen in a long time. Compared to more manufactured and sophisticated groups, NewJeans drew people in with their girl-next-door vibes.

NewJeans’ debut concept photos. | ADOR

Needless to say, the girls were still very slim compared to non-celebrities. As an idol, there might have been some pressure put on them to look a certain way. But given their young age, with the youngest member being only 15 years old then, many believed that their company would not force them to adhere to the regular strict routines of idols.

Belatedly in March 2023, a video of the girls began to circulate and gain attention. The video was taken during filming for their debut music video, “Hype Boy.” The girls were seen eating very little amounts of food, with most of it being vegetables.

Their CEO, Min Hee Jin, posted the video on her personal Instagram. The video was taken overseas when they filmed on set. They ate cherry tomatoes and other assorted vegetables.

What made fans even more upset was that Hyein sounded like she was forcing herself to enjoy the meal.

  • Min Hee Jin: How is it?
  • Hyein: It’s so good. I think after coming here, I got used to this healthy taste. So now I like such foods.
  • Min Hee Jin: Wow, finally something good to hear. Hyein originally liked meat, though.
  • Hyein: Yeah. I still like meat but, well.

Fans felt that as growing girls, they should be fed more.

F*ck what are they doing to kids who are still growing?

— 56azaleas

Some were concerned about how the video would influence other young girls.

Am I the only one who is shocked? This is an issue that can even be used as an instance of child abuse. Pro-ana is already so common amongst young female students but a video that shows already skinny girls being fed less than what a dog eats for a meal. I think this is harmful.

— brother_mae

I mean, they could force the kids to go on diets but it’s so creepy how they’re convincing themselves that it’s delicious.

— daisukijijiji

Despite this, there is a minor opinion that voices out how female idols get criticized the instant they put on weight. Cameras are known to make people look chubbier than they do in real life as well, not aiding the cause.