NewJeans Recruits Actress Park Ji Hoo For Spooky “All of Us Are Dead” Reference In “Ditto”

Viewers got goosebumps from the scene.

Earning millions of views in less than twenty-four hours, NewJeans released two different music videos for their comeback “Ditto”. Not only did the rookie group amaze viewers with the refreshing concept, but they also shocked them with a spooky side.

Actress Park Ji Hoo appeared in the music videos for a spooky reference to the show All of Us Are Dead that she starred in.

Actress Park Ji Hoo and actor Yoon Chan Young. | @03_hu/Instagram

Playing the parts of ordinary schoolgirls, NewJeans danced on the roof as their friend, played by Park Ji Hoo, filmed them.

For those that watched All of Us Are Dead, it called to mind a similar scene where Park Ji Hoo’s character did the same thing. NewJeans stayed true to the inspiration and followed through with its ending in their music videos.

Park Ji Hoo in “All of Us Are Dead.” | Netflix

When Park Ji Hoo’s character woke up the next day, all the girls were gone. It turned out that Park Ji Hoo’s character hadn’t been recording NewJeans at all.

The girls were part of her imagination. The scene became even spookier for viewers when seeing the end, showing that Park Ji Hoo’s character disappeared from the girls as well.

See Park Ji Hoo, NewJeans, and actor Choi Hyun Wook from Twenty Five Twenty One pull off the spooky All of Us Are Dead vibes fans enjoyed.


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