Fans Are Saying NewJeans Haerin’s Latest Airport Fashion Photos Are Legendary And Are Proof She’s Really A Kitten

Haerin is proving her airport runway game is unmatched!

NewJeansHaerin has fans raving after the release of her airport fashion photos.

Haerin | Theqoo

The picture of the idol was reportedly taken at the Gimpo Airport when she left for Japan to attend KCON22 – JAPAN.

NewJeans | KCON 2022

Haerin was seen wearing a white outer coat and a bonnet while her hair was tied in pigtails. Fans raved about her doll-like visuals.

| Theqoo
| Theqoo

Netizens gathered on an online post to praise her look, with many stating that the idol was giving off major kitten vibes.

| Theqoo

  • “She’s a baby kitten.”
  • “Seriously, she seems like a kitten trying to act human.”
  • “She seriously looks like a kitten. She’s so cute.”
  • “Haerin has always had her doll eyes. She was born this way!”
  • “She’s like a baby. She’s cute.”
  • “Oh my, she’s a baby. So pretty.”
  • “I laughed out loud because she is so cute.”
  • “She’s a kitten…”

This isn’t the first time Haerin has made news for her airport fashion. In fact, the rookie idol slayed all expectations when she made her airport runway debut in this CELINE outfit just last month.

Haerin and her group, NewJeans, are making an unprecedented impact on K-Pop as a rookie group. The group debuted in July 2022 and has since become one of Korea’s fastest-rising stars. Check out the girl’s music video for their single “Hypeboy” in the link below.

Source: Theqoo