NewJeans Haerin’s China Bar Proves Her Popularity With Huge Project Spanning 4 Countries

“Haerin Bar might be the wealthiest Chinese fanbase an idol has ever had.”

Since their debut in August of last year, Newjeans has been shattering records and shows no signs of slowing down. The group’s tremendous success in recent months has elevated each member to staggering levels of individual fame. Haerin‘s upcoming birthday project, organized by her devoted Chinese fanbase, is the latest testament to the members’ immense popularity.

Birthday projects have become a long-standing tradition in the K-Pop industry, particularly among idols with large fanbases in China, known as “China Bars.” These dedicated fan communities spare no expense in purchasing advertisements across South Korea, China, and even other countries to celebrate birthdays. They also raise funds for charitable donations and generously lavish their favorite idols with expensive gifts. The scale of these projects often serves as a measure of an idol’s popularity among Chinese fans. Thus, Haerin China Bar’s birthday project for the rising star of Newjeans is a significant event.


The staggering 30-part project has not only captivated the attention of Newjeans’ fans but has also left followers of other groups astounded. Fans are even claiming that Haerin’s Chinese fanbase may be one of the wealthiest among idol fandoms.

Haerin China Bar’s birthday project for the idol is nothing short of extraordinary, with several remarkable highlights that emphasize her immense popularity. One of the standout features of the project is the extensive display of support across various cities and countries.

The project includes prominent ad placements in Seoul’s bustling districts, such as Hongdae and Myeongdong. Haerin’s image and birthday wishes grace multiple large screens, captivating the attention of pedestrians and K-Pop enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the project extends its reach beyond South Korea, showcasing Haerin’s global appeal. In Tokyo, Japan, her presence is felt through the Ikebukuro Triplex Screen. Haerin’s Chinese fanbase has gone above and beyond by organizing offline events in various cities across China. Coffee shops, malls, and subway stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and more feature various Haerin’s pictures on large screens, ensuring her presence is felt by fans and passersby alike. Multiple ads have been purchased by her fanbase in Thailand as well.

The dedication of Haerin’s fans is also evident in their efforts to support charitable causes. One remarkable aspect of the project is the donation of cat food to charity. This act of kindness demonstrates Haerin’s fans’ commitment to making a positive impact on animal welfare.

The project also includes the donation of sanitary products to young girls in the 5th and 6th grades of school. This initiative aims to address a significant issue and support the well-being of girls who may face challenges in accessing necessary hygiene products. The project details show the fanbase will provide over 5,150 sanitary products to 172 girls across different locations.

Additionally, handwritten letters from fans have been collected and sent to Haerin, showcasing the personal connection between the idol and her supporters. These heartfelt messages serve as a reminder of the impact Haerin has had on her fans’ lives and the appreciation they have for her.

Haerin China Bar’s birthday project for Haerin serves as evidence of her increasing popularity and the remarkable support she has received. The project not only highlights the financial capabilities and enthusiasm of her Chinese fanbase but also underscores their commitment to organizing memorable celebrations.


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