NewJeans’ Haerin Gains Attention For Her “Expensive Cat” Visuals At Recent Event

The official kitty cat of K-Pop!

NewJeansHaerin recently attended Dior’s event at their flagship store in Seongsu, Seoul. The event was made to celebrate the iconic Lady Dior bag.

Haerin styled her hair in the trendy “sesame leaf” fringe style.

She wore a structured pink dress with a high collar and pearl buttons.

The preppy dress was highly appropriate for her age, keeping it both conservative yet girly.

Her makeup was focused on coral tones, with long lashes to bring out her catlike eyes.

Camera phones were able to capture her beauty better.

The floral print on the Lady Dior bag she carried added a much-needed splash of color and fun.

She might have been the youngest celebrity there, but she didn’t not come to play!

Netizens were blown away by her catlike visuals. The expensive fabrics and luxurious bags helped add to her visuals. She looked like a princess that day.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I should’ve been the one to give birth to her.
  • She’s like a princess from kkoyangie country.
  • The baby kitten is so cute.
  • Haerin is really pretty in a charming way.
  • Baby…
  • Wow, she’s really like a baby kitty princess. So pretty.
  • Such a baby.
  • FR, she’s a princess baby kitten.
  • Princess.

Haerin certainly had a royal air around her at the Dior event that day! Check out her full glory in video below.

Source: Theqoo